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Skype Classes

Call or email for more info.

$20 Per a hour / 1 hour minimum

I am now offering private classes via Skype.

You, me and the Rabbicoon
You never have to wait for it to be your turn to get attention

You are still responsible for your own tools and supplies.

Digital pattern included for your first project if you are a beginner

All you need to join is Skype with a working webcam/microphone; a moveable camera (USB webcam) is suggested but not required. Any workspace, tools or supplies you require for your current project.

Other Important Information

Sadly glass does not ship well and even if it did the pictures you see online

rarely match what you actually get. Therefore we encourage you to buy glass locally

You are responsible to show up on time and be prepared to work.
I suggest if you have children at home you have someone else there to tend to them

so you donít have to get up.

You may wear what you wish to class but I suggest
old comfortable clothes and shoes that cover your feet well.

You may bring a drink (coffee, water, etc.) with a cover with you.
I donít suggest food in your workshop



Starter Kit


You will also need 1/8 zinc and a piece of homesote board at least 12 x 12 inches.

These are items best bought locally


Pistol Grip Glass Cutter

Cutting Oil


Running Plyers

Fine Point Black Pen

Fine Point Silver

Wiz Cg Glass Grinder

Grinder Coolant

Faceshield & Glass

Layout Blocks 12 & 3ís Set

Silver Backed Copper Foil

Handy Foilier

Exacto Knife

Weller 50 Watt Soldering Iron

Temperature Control

Soldering Iron Stand

Sal Ammoniac Block

Brass Wire Brush

Canfield 60/ 40 Solder

Canfield Magic Gel Flux

Flux Brushes (5)

 Finishing Compound

Chain Ė 1 Ĺ feet

Bag of Hooks



Stained Glass Stylists

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