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Pre Tinned Copper Wire Roll

Great for applying quick & easy

decoration to your soldering.





Night Light Kit




SGS Box and Lamp Wedges JR

3 per a set

Cause sometimes smaller is better

The Wedges JR are half the size of the its larger version, great for small projects where there is not a lot of room to work



SGS Box and Lamp Wedges

2 per a set

When you need to solder 3d, sometimes you just can't hold your project and solder at the same time. These make it like having an extra person to hold your project while you work on it.



SGS Lamping  Jig

The perfect tool for soldering or repairing lamps. Adjustable for any size lamp. Works perfectly with the SGS Wedges. A must have for any professional or amateur stained glass enthusiast. Simple assembly required.


Rubber Box Feet


20 pack



3/32 Tube For Box Hinge

36 " - Cut into three  12" pieces for shipping


1/16 Rod For Box Hinge

36 " - Cut into three  12" pieces for shipping




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